Seal Well

The Solution

A solution to the leakage problems that arise is to utilize a material other than cement to seal wells against gas leakage. To be effective, the material should have the following attributes:

Seal Well uses a bismuth-based fusible metal as the sealing medium, and, in particular, one that is non-toxic and that expands upon solidification from liquid to solid phase. This alloy has exceptional corrosion resistance properties, complete non-toxicity, and functional mechanical properties.

Seal WelI’s approach is to melt the alloy in situ and to squeeze the molten alloy through perforations or into leaking areas of production casing with the application of external hydraulic or gas pressure. The alloy is then allowed to cool and solidify, thereby forming the needed plug.

Bismuth alloy based plugs have the following advantages over conventional cement plugs:

The following animation illustrates the setting of the alloy based self-sealing casing plug with a wireline procedure: